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How to use GeniLax

Listen to GeniLax (Genius and Relax) by earphone or headphone when you want to relax or focus (study, work at your desk or on a computer, while training for a sport, etc). (Please do not listen to GeniLax using your devices speakers.)

What is GeniLax?

GeniLax is an app based on a technology invented by the late Dr. Kazumi Masaki (1916-2002). (Previously released as such products as "Alpha Theta".)

When the right and left ear hear a slightly different sound the right and left brains come into balance.
Regardless of your purpose (to focus or to relax) listen to the SoundMode (Genius or Relax) that makes you feel best.
Turn down the volume so that you can barely hear it.
When you concentrate your ratio of alpha to theta brain waves will increase.

About the Lite Version(Free Version)

Try GeniLax for yourself for free.

・Download (Android Version)
・Download (iOS版 [New!])

About the Pro Version(Paid-for Version)

Some low spec devices may produce an unintended clicking noise. Please check Lite Version before purchasing.

・Download (Android Version)

*Additional Point from Lite Version

No advertisement is displayed.


Some people experience slight headaches or something similar to seasickness when using this application. If this occurs stop using this application.

Some people may feel drowsy when using this application. Please refrain from driving vehicles or operating large machinery.

This application is for adult use only. People under 10 year old should not use (listen to) this application.

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